Eternity Caravans WA

We are fortunate to have four astute franchises at our dealership – Eternity Caravans, Opal Caravans, Prime RV and Freebirds Caravans.

Amongst our range of caravans, we have WA’s most sought-after Eternity Vigilante, which is built to a high class. Our range of Opal are the Warrior & Tourer, with the confidence of the company being in the business since 1974. We welcome Prime RV & Freebirds to our dealership, the quality of their caravans is evident in customers responses. Having a diverse range of floor plans available allows customers to the opportunity to purchase a caravan that suits their needs. We have Family Bunks, Single Beds, Queens Beds as well as on and of road caravans. Vans starting at 16 6” -22 6” all built to high standards and Australian Made.