Mobi Nomad

Born in Africa, Bred for Australia!

Welcome! Mobi Nomad Caravans and Campers is a family run business based in Perth, Western Australia & founded in 2019.

As a family we were never really big into camping or caravanning, until being introduced to it by a friend of the family in 2017 in falling in love with the Australian outback and coastline!
But… Camping wasn’t comfortable enough for our taste, we liked a good nights sleep and a hot shower a little too much… So after some trial and error on a few trips and talking to friends in the space we saw a gap in the market and thought surely there is a way to camp in the remote off-grid location and take the luxury with us? Enter the Mobi Nomad! What we, and now may others, believe to be the very best hybrid of Luxury, off-road capability, affordability, size and weight all in one beautiful package!